As an organic herb farmer beginning in 1983, I began learning about the benefits of medicinal herbs early in my adult life and was so enthralled with botanical medicine that I began organizing educational retreats. The herbal educational seminars at these retreats were led by well-known herbalists who were flown in from around the country and were small gatherings with fewer than 100 attendees. It was a real grass-roots movement as herbal medicine was relatively unknown in the U.S. at the time. As once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of an emerging social trend, it was an exciting time!

My first featured speaker was Michael Tierra, author of many herbals including The Planetary Herbal. We had lined up the weekend event a year before with much logistical planning. Back then not many people used the internet, much-less email communications. We marketed door-to-door at health food stores throughout the Southeast and sent direct mailers to our contacts. Never-the-less, we pulled together 78 early adopters of natural medicine willing to pay around $300 for the weekend which included lodging and meals.

A week before the conference I received a disturbing call; Michael Tierra was waiting at the airport for us to pick him up. Somehow our communications got mixed up and he had arrived a full four days ahead of schedule and was sitting at an airport some three hours from our location in Charlotte, NC. That was the day I learned just how effective Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy formula really is! It had assisted me on many occasions such as dosing with it prior to speaking at national symposiums and other speaking engagements, but on this day I was really stressed out.

I had a speaker who was considering returning to California on the next flight and 78 attendees showing up in the NC Blue Ridge Mountains in a number of days expecting to be wowed by an herbal legend. I had to calm down and think clearly to right the situation. The fees paid to me by the attendees were already spent on the facility and speaker and I would be responsible for refunding over $20,000 I did not have. I started dosing with Rescue Remedy and got through the fire resulting in an awesome retreat! I made it a point to expand my flower essences knowledge over the next few years and even started making my own.

A decade later I showed up at Oriental medical school. Three of my teachers were flower essence practitioners who had long ago begun incorporating flower essence medicine into their acupuncture treatments. During my first year of school, ten hours a week of observation was required where I witnessed patients being instructed to apply rescue remedy to the wrists as well as specific remedies to specific acupuncture points. Located on the wrists are some of the most significant acupuncture or acupressure points for calming the mind.  I soon learned that many acupressure points, including special Spirit Points, had a profound impact on the mind and how flower essences and essential oils can activate these acupuncture points.

My book Natural Therapies for Overcoming Opioid Dependency features five of these flower essence remedies that I use to help guide patients out of the darkness of addiction. Understanding that opioid cessation and withdrawal are only part of the process of a full recovery is key in staying opioid-free and avoiding relapse. In Chinese medicinal theory it is not enough that one is free of disease or addiction; true wellness is defined by a body that is pain free and fully mobile; a mind that thinks clearly and is free of turmoil; and a spirit that is calm and allows for peaceful sleep and a feeling of purpose and fulfillment. True wellness following opioid dependency typically takes many months and multiple modalities of natural therapy to achieve.

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