Directions for Use for Clinical Patients

As we have been informed, there is no treatment or “cure” for Covid19 that has been scientifically validated. The clinical formulas that I provide for patients are classified generally as herbs that “expel external pathogenic evils” according to Chinese medicine. The goal of these formulas is to moderate symptoms, lessen the length of time that symptoms persist, and prevent the disease from progressing to a severe condition.

Note: Always contact your local medical provider immediately with shortness of breath, severe chest tightness and pain, or high fever.

Modified Yin Qiao with Forsythia

  • Use this formula without delay at the onset of mild symptoms such as a scratchy throat, mild fever, dry cough, aches, and pains.
  • Take 2 capsules 5-6 times per day consistently. The bottle contains approximately 180 capsules and will last about 10 days, which would be a normal course of treatment. Have at least 1 bottle on hand per adult.
  • This formula can also be used if you suspect that you have been exposed to the illness. Take 2 capsules 3-4 times per day.
  • Follow through with dosing for 3 days after symptoms have abated.
  • Capsules can be opened and made into a paste by adding a bit of water and applied to the soles of the feet of children (cover with socks) several times per day and before bed.
  • Caution: This formula is very cooling and should not be taken for prolonged periods of time such as more than 3 weeks.

Modified Gan Mao Ling with Scutellaria

This formula is used if a case progresses to a moderate condition with a fever over 100*, chest tightness, and lung infections. The directions and precautions are the same as for Yin Qiao, but this would be like taking out the “big guns” and not used for prevention. Also, you would want to take either this formula OR YinQiao; they would not be used together. Have one bottle per adult on hand.

Wind-Cold Formula

For some, the disease will present with chills and shivering rather than a fever. The directions would be the same as the above formulas. One may alternate from fever to chills and formulas would be alternated accordingly. If you have both fever and chills, take both formulas with 2 capsules Gan Mao Ling 5 times per day and 1 capsule of the Wind-Cold formula 3-4 times per day. You can also make a broth with green onions and fresh (not dry) ginger for chills. You would want to have 1 small bottle per adult on hand.

Lung Plasters with Essential Oils

The topical plasters with essential oils are applied to the chest and upper back periodically throughout the day. These plasters are a bit messy and one would want to wear a dark cotton t-shirt to protect sheets and clothing from stains. The Lung Support formula is warming and can be used to bolster weak Lung Qi. The Lung Heat formula is applied when there are signs of a lung infection or for coughs (and sinus drainage sometimes) with colored sputum.

Essential Oils

A few drops of these formulas can be placed in diffusers throughout the house. They can also be used in certain steam inhalers and nebulizers as all 3 formulas have essential oils specific for the lungs and Wei Qi. You will want to check your manufacturer’s directions on devices not designed for essential oils as they can damage machines.

Loose Teas

You may have received loose teas to take for prevention and treatment. Add one tablespoon of dry herbs to a cup of hot water and let steep for 10 minutes before straining. You can add honey if you like. Drink 4-5 cups throughout the day. This is not just herbal therapy but can help you to avoid dehydration which is a risk with this condition; stay hydrated!

Quell Queeze (Sometimes called Curing Pills)

This virus can present with diarrhea during more advanced stages of the disease. Take 2 capsules up to 6 times per day as needed. It is also an excellent formula for nausea and to prevent vomiting; basically any digestive upset. Have 1 bottle per adult onhand.

Fever Paste with Gypsum

This formula contains very cold herbs made into a paste to apply to feet to lower a fever. It is best to soak feet in water or apply a warm washcloth to feet for 5 minutes before applying as the herbal active constituents will absorb into the skin more readily. Use 1 tablespoon of herb mix per application and slowly add hot water or oil to form a paste.


Many of you have been shown in the clinic how to apply the acupressure sticks for self-care, but here are some key protocols that you can use right now with or without the sticks with essential oils:

And don’t forget to meditate:

Important Details!

  • I stocked the clinic with anti-virals in January when I first heard about the outbreak. My supplies are limited and my suppliers have run out of the key ingredients due to the global demand. You will need to let me know if you are in need of these formulas right away and we will ship them to you as we have limited clinical hours right now.
  • You will want to assemble these formulas before you get sick as precious days will be lost otherwise, and herbs have to be used at the immediate onset of infection to have an impactful effect.
  • These formulas can be used for any external pathogen (cold/flu) with the appropriate symptoms presenting. Hopefully, you will not need these now and can store them for later use in a cool, dry place for up to 2 years.
  • It is imperative that the herbal remedies are taken early and consistently.
  • We advise sick patients and patients with a cough or fever not to come into the clinic.

We are so sorry, but I cannot sell these formulas to non-clinic patients and they are not available to the general public for a multitude of reasons explained here.

Please let me know if any of you need any clarification through my contact page. Wishing you and your loved ones the best of luck and good health through this difficult time!

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