Graduates who successfully complete this 600-hour program receive a degree, a 600-Hour Massage Program Diploma, and certification in Holistic Health and Acupressure. The total cost of tuition is $8,000. Learn more about our $385 monthly payment plan in-house financing, pre-payment discount, and other funding sources here.

Next Class Starts September 10, 2020

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Each school’s basic curriculum requirements (around 300 hours) are mandated by the
NC Board of Massage and Body Works for acupressure programs. We use the other 300 hours to make a unique program empowering community health providers. We are presently in the accreditation process and is pending review and site inspection which is scheduled to be completed by June 1, 2020.


  • 150-Hours medicinal herbs-Chinese & Western including a supervised clinical internship
  • 125-Hours hands-on Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) massage and acupressure direction and in-house clinical experience
  • 75-Hours TCM Theory
  • 75-Hours anatomy/physiology with corresponding TCM channel theory and the acupressure point locations
  • 30-Hours adjunct therapies such as cupping, guasha, moxibustion, medical Qigong, and more

Traditional Chinese Medical Theory


25 Hours

Students are introduced to the intricate theories of Chinese medicine necessary to develop a diagnosis and choose the correct acupressure points for treatment.

  • Yin/Yang
  • Five Phases
  • Vital Substances
  • Transformations of Qi
  • Energetic Organ Systems in Chinese medicine

Diagnostic Methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine


25 Hours

(Pre-requisite Fund.101)

In traditional Chinese medicine, there are many tools of diagnosis including tongue and pulse diagnosis; facial diagnosis; and interrogation/medical history intake. Students will learn how to apply diagnostic methods to assess clients and formulate an acupressure point prescription.

Pathology-Causes of Disease


25 Hours

(Pre-requisite Fund.101)

Western and eastern causes of disease and pain are compared and differentiated to allow for a client assessment and an informed selection of acupressure points for treatment.

Causes of Disease in Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Pathology of Yin/Yang Imbalances
  • Six-Stages Pathological Theory
  • Four-Levels Pathological Theory
  • 8-Patterns Theory

Anatomy & Physiology

An overview of western medical anatomy and physiology detailing the structure and function of the human body. This course also offers insights as to how Chinese medicine intersects with structure, such as acupressure channels and points, and with function, such as the alternate view of the energetic organ systems.

Anatomy & Physiology Part 1


25 Hours

(Pre-requisite Fund.101, Path.101)

  • The Skeletal System
  • The Muscular System
  • The Cardiovascular System
  • The Lymphatic System

Anatomy & Physiology Part 2


25 Hours

(Pre-requisite Fund.101, Path.101)

  • The Nervous System
  • The Integumentary System
  • The Sensory System
  • The Endocrine System

Anatomy & Physiology Part 3


25 Hours

(Pre-requisite Fund.101, Path.101)

  • The Respiratory System
  • The Digestive System
  • The Urinary System
  • The Reproductive System

Traditional Chinese Acupressure Massage Therapy Applied Techniques and Methods


25 Hours

(Pre-requisite Fund.101, Fund.102, Path.101, A/P.101, A/P.102, A/P.103)

Students will have demonstrations of specific Chinese medical massage techniques (Tuina) and acupressure application with discussion on specific medical conditions that would indicate a specific massage technique or acupressure point. This clinical allows for hands-on classroom practice of modalities demonstrated

Adjunct Traditional Chinese Medical Therapeutic Practices


14 Hours

(Pre-requisite Fund.101, Fund.102, Fund.103, A/P.101, A/P.102)

Cupping, moxibustion, Gua sha, and auricular therapy are described with proper indications and contra-indications of each method. Specific techniques are demonstrated with the opportunity for student participation in hands-on practical applications.

Practical Applications of Chinese Medical Acupressure Massage Practicum


100 Hours

(Pre-requisite Clinic.101, Clinic.102)

In-house supervised clinical experience allows students to refine their diagnostic and treatment skills on clients. Students will have the opportunity to assess clients and build treatment plans.

Desk-Student Clinic


7 Hours

Students perform clinical duties such as scheduling, answering the phone, and extracting paperwork. This time allows students to develop communication skills with clients and clinic management skills.

Medicinal Herb Clinical Practices and the Herb Pharmacy


20 Hours

Medical herbalists are governed by the FDA and technically must follow current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). However, trained herbalists have been granted a reprieve from the FDA when prescribing directly to patients in their own clinic; rather than having to follow the 450 pages of cGMP rules governing manufacturers, we will detail the much more relaxed recommendations for on-sight herb-clinic compliance for botanical compounding. Basic rules and procedures of the school herb pharmacy will also be detailed during this lecture.

Introduction to Medicinal Herb Materia Medica


80 Hours-Distance Learning

(Pre-requisite Fund.101, Fund.102, Path.101)

This class allows students to familiarize themselves with specific western and Chinese herbs that they will be working with during their on-sight herbal clinical practicum. Course material covers the different classifications of herbs and the energetics of herbs in addition to the uses of each of 100 individual botanicals. The distance learning is bolstered by in-house clinical experience earned in the Medicinal Herb Practicum Herb.105 featuring hands-on experience and direct exposure to herbs.

Introduction to Using Essential Oils in Traditional Chinese Medicine


9 Hours

(Pre-requisite Fund.101, Fund.102, Path.101)

Specific energetic qualities of pure essential will be described along with their affinities for specific organs in traditional Chinese medicine. A demonstration of how essential oils can be used clinically to activate acupressure points and are associated with specific areas of the pain in the body. This class provides hands-on interaction with dozens of essential oil.

Introduction to Flower Essence Remedies


3 Hours

Medicinal Herb Clinical Practicum


40 hours

(Pre-requisite Fund.101, Fund.102, Path.101 Herb.101)

This hands-on in-house opportunity allows students to work in the school herb pharmacy and make a multitude of remedies including tinctures, dit dat jow topical pain medication, capsules, therapeutic foot soaks and baths, and topical plasters (for lymph, liver, and lungs). Students will gain herb remedy formulation insights for specific conditions as well.

Traditional Chinese Medical Food Therapy


5 Hours

(Pre-requisite Fund.101, Fund.102)

This class differentiates the energetic qualities of food according to traditional Chinese medical theory and how food therapy would be applied to a related diagnosis.

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Vitamins/Minerals


5 Hours

(Pre-requisite Fund.101, Fund.102)

Vitamins and minerals are classified according to Chinese medical theory.

Qi Gong Meditations and Exercises


6 Hours

Self-initiated healing practices used by both practitioner and client are demonstrated and practised. These methods are meant to be passed on to clients to integrate into their daily lives to promote wellness.

Medical Qi Gong


13 Hours

(Pre-requisite Fund.101, Fund.102)

Chinese medicine includes five core branches: acupuncture/acupressure, tuina medical massage, food therapy, Chinese medical herbs, and medical qigong; Most people are not familiar with the latter. Medical Qigong is the Chinese version of “touch healing” as seen presently in use at hospitals by holistic nurses. The difference is that medical Qigong is a treatment modality requiring an understanding of Chinese medical theories, a diagnosis, and a treatment plan. This class includes both demonstrations and student participation with practical application.

Pain Management/ Trauma/ Surgery Recovery-Traditional Chinese Medical Treatment Protocols


25 Hours

(Pre-requisite Fund.101, Fund.102)

Specific classifications of pain according to traditional Chinese medicine will explained. Treatment strategies, acupressure points, and Chinese massage techniques for pain conditions will be detailed in this class. Subjects covered include lower back pain, neck pain, spine pain, foot pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, arthritis, headaches, muscle aches, compartmental syndrome, and sciatica. Opioid cessation protocols for pain-clients will be discussed as well.

Immune Health-Traditional Chinese Medical Treatment Protocols


6.5 Hours

(Pre-requisite Fund.101, Fund.102)

Auto-immune diseases, external pathogenic viruses, cancer treatment support, as well as other maladies involved with the Wei Qi level in Chinese medicine are broken down in to patterns of imbalance with corresponding treatment protocols.

Women’s Health- Traditional Chinese Medical Treatment Protocols


11 Hours

(Pre-requisite Fund.101, Fund.102)

Infertility, gynecological disorders, bleeding abnormalities, hormonal imbalances, and menopausal symptoms will be broken down into patterns of discord according to Chinese medicine with corresponding acupressure and adjunct treatment modalities that work to bring the body back into balance.

Circulation/Heart Health-Traditional Chinese Medical Treatment Protocols


6.5 Hours

(Pre-requisite Fund.101, Fund.102)

Treatment strategies according to specific patterns of imbalance in Chinese medicine for high blood pressure, heart disease, palpitations, and poor circulation will be detailed along with corresponding acupressure point therapy. Students will also learn the unique role that the heart plays in traditional Chinese medicine.

Respiratory Issues-Traditional Chinese Medical Treatment Protocols


4 Hours

(Pre-requisite Fund.101, Fund.102)

Chinese medical treatment strategies for COPD, asthma, and breathing difficulties are detailed in this class along with auricular acupressure points for smoking cessation.

Pediatrics -Traditional Chinese Medical Treatment Protocols


4 Hours

treating babies and children according to traditional Chinese medicine along with special considerations when addressing common conditions seen in pediatric clients.

EENT-Traditional Chinese Medical Treatment Protocols


3.5 Hours

(Pre-requisite Fund.101, Fund.102)

Ear, eyes, nose, and throat patterns of imbalance and treatment protocols.

Digestion-Traditional Chinese Medical Treatment Protocols


13 Hours

(Pre-requisite Fund.101, Fund.102)

Traditional Chinese medicine addresses many digestive problems as “Spleen Qi Deficiency” which is unique to this system of healing. Detailed acupressure and adjunct therapies for stomach problems, bowel movements, and the proper assimilation of food, along with other patterns of imbalance of the digestive system will be detailed.

Professional: Laws & Rules; Ethics


15 Hours

This course details the specific laws and rules governing the practice of massage therapy in NC, SC, GA, TN, VA and the specific ethical considerations that must be made when a practitioner proves massage therapy.

Office Management, Forms, and Charting


5 Hours

This course covers many of the business aspects of managing a holistic clinic along with specific charting, scheduling, client forms, and client privacy.

Marketing & Entrepreneurial Skills


10 Hours

It is not enough to be a skilled healer to help people; prospective clients have to find you! In today’s world, this includes many strategies including social marketing skills, setting up a website, and branding yourself. Methods for both recruiting new clients and retaining those clients long-term as you build a successful long-term business will be discussed.

Introduction to Integrated Medicine


3 Hours

Not everyone wants to set up shop as a community healer; luckily, many job opportunities are available for those processing the skills covered in our program. Integrated medical clinics and medical models are now being seen in hospital settings, medical clinics, and the VA; massage therapy, acupressure, and other natural therapies are central to these new offerings. Learn what it means to be a part of an integrated medical team and what it is like to be employed at one of these institutions.

Introduction to Psychology


3 Hours


  • Developing a general understanding of mental illness, diagnosis and treatment
  • Dialoging about risk factors, crisis prevention and suicide
  • Discussion focusing on the interaction of mental health and physical health
  • Identification of whole person Wellness as the goal

Psychological Profiles and Imbalances According to Traditional Chinese Medicine


17 Hours

(Pre-requisite Fund.101, Fund.102)

Chinese medicine has detailed classifications of psychological disorders along with corresponding treatment strategies for emotional imbalances and upsets. Students will learn how to identify the underlying root causes according to Chinese medicine along with specific treatment strategies using acupressure points, Tuina massage therapy, and adjunct therapies.

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