We are the Smart Alternative: Affordable Education Delivering Marketable Skills!

$8,000 Full-Tuition!

Receive a degree and, holistic healthcare provider certificate, plus qualify to be licensed as a healthcare professional

  • Monthly Payment-$385 In-house Financing Option
  • Discount-10% or $800 Full Tuition Payment with Enrollment Form
  • American Herbalist Guild Member Discount-$250

Team “Leave No Healer Behind” Tuition Funding

Participate in our online crowd fundraising campaign along with other students wanting to pay-down their student balance using social media, email, and other funding strategies. The school organizes the fundraising campaign, but you receive dedicated donations! As a team, we can all work together to lower your cost of tuition and travel.

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Fee Deadlines and Details

Enrollment will begin at the end of Spring following the final phase of our school’s accreditation. No payments will be accepted until that date. However, prospective students should have already completed their interview/orientation with Dr. Browne during their initial school facility visit if they hope to be a part of the 2020 Fall class cohort.

Pre-payment option-$7,200 check should be sent with your enrollment form

$385 Monthly payment option-There is a flat $385 finance fee added to the $8,000 tuition balance for financing that should be paid at the time of enrollment along with a $1,200 deposit. The first $385 installment payment should be received 30 days prior to the first day of class. We will set up an automated monthly invoice for you to pay online. Monthly payments should be made each month thereafter.

What You Get

  • A bonified Degree in Chinese Medical Massage and Acupressure from an accredited school
  • A Certificate as a Holistic Health Practitioner
  • A foundation in Chinese Medical Theory and Application
  • Training preparing you to pass Massage Boards to practice acupressure
  • Onsight clinical experience in diagnostics and prescription of acupressure points and herbs
  • Foundational herbal training in both Western and Chinese herbs
  • Clear insights into the use of essential oils, moxibustion, auricular therapy and more

Massage Therapists

We are often asked by licensed massage therapists if they can get credit for previous training. This varies greatly depending on the education that you have received. Our program is steeped in traditional Chinese medicine so that our graduates can form a diagnosis and effective treatment plan. Therefore, even if you have credit for Anatomy-Physiology classes, your classes probably did not cover channel theory and acupoint location. However, many massage therapists have received this training elsewhere. Dr. Browne will assess each candidate’s previous education to see if transfer credits can be used during the initial interview phase after one has applied for the program. We are not offering CEU classes at this time.