Study in Western North Carolina with an expert in the field of Herbalism, Traditional Chinese medicine, and holistic healing. Learn more about Dr. Browne here!

Typically, one would have to spend four years at acupuncture school to attain the diagnostic and healing skills covered in this course; but for most, the cost and time are a deterrence to acupuncture school.  We provide a smarter alternative educational program that can also lead to a degree and license at a fraction of the cost!

No prior training is necessary for this brand new comprehensive 1-year program. Here is what you will learn:

  • Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) Massage and Acupressure
  • Cupping, Gua-sha, Tuina, Moxibustion,
  • Chinese and Western Herbalism
  • Clinical Uses of Essential OIls
  • Pulse-Tongue Diagnosis, and much more

This highly condensed program infused with pertinent information will not waste your time!

  • Modular weekend schedule for traveling/working students
  • Affordable
  • 4,200 square-foot clinic and teaching space
  • Hands-on supervised clinical experience
  • Western and Chinese Herbal Apothecary with over 350 substances

Opportunities in integrative medicine are rapidly growing!  We prepare our students for jobs in medical settings or as entrepreneurs with their own free-standing clinic. Space is limited, so signup today!


Dr. Browne is a wealth of knowledge of both western and Chinese herbal medicine. It is great to have a teacher that can distill all this information and make it manageable, understandable, and useful for daily practice. Loved it! Would love to take more of her classes.” Hope Peak, LAc Charlotte, NC

Great Class! I loved how hands-on the class was.” Anne Bailey, LAc Raliegh, NC

Very informative! The instructor is clear and easy to understand; she obviously has had years of experience. There was so much good information covered; I don’t believe any more could have been absorbed in one day.” Patricia Clark, LAc Arden, NC

How wonderful to have such great hands-on learning in our area integrating organically grown herbs! Sarah Robinson, L.Ac., White Pines, NC

Really made me re-inspired and more intrigued to deepen my essential oils use and interest.” Deann Bishop, LAc Trouville, VA

A very nice class that had a strong experiential aspect to it…presented with great knowledge of the (essential) oils.” Philip Ramsey, LAc Asheville, NC

Dr. Browne is very knowledgeable and entertaining,  I was somewhat intimidated by the essential oils class because I had no previous experience with them; however, Dr. Browne presented the material in a very interested and light-hearted manner. I ended up really learning new information and applying the class” Todd George, LAc Charlotte, NC

Loved the experiential nature of the class, the area, and artistic attitude toward learning.” Rayna Qiu, LAc Raleigh, NC

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