Dr. Browne serves veterans at two VA hospital locations and at her personal clinic. With your help and support, she is able to provide free herbal remedies to injured and disabled veterans for pain, traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and wellness.

Donate Today! The VA does not pay for herbal therapy, an important part of traditional Chinese medicine. We have applied for our 501c3 certification which should be completed in July 2019.

One thought on “Giving

  1. Dr. Brown is a highly experienced and dedicated acupuncturist and herbalist who is a master of her trade. She is well educated and knowledgeable, and really focuses in on the needs of her patients. She could easily be providing her services to a much more fiscally rich population, and she instead chooses to serve the veterans who have served our country. She is an amazing acupuncturist and asset to the VA and I would urge anyone on this page with uncertainty to take the plunge and explore the healing properties of acupuncture and Chinese herbs under the care of Dr. Brown.


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